NWT Apparel Micro-Bale (100 lbs.)

100 Lbs of Brand Name New With Tags (NWT) Apparel in Mixed Sizes and Gender. 

Discover unparalleled resale value with the NWT Apparel Micro-Bale, a 100 LB package of tagged brand-name clothing. Unwrap a curated selection of styles and sizes, each piece with its original tags intact. Boost your resale business by offering customers sought-after, on-trend fashion that promises not just style, but also exceptional value. Streamline your inventory with this collection, ensuring every piece is a statement of quality and a lucrative addition to your resale offering.  

All items in the NWT Apparel Micro-Bale  have their original retail tags attached. Items may also include tags from secondary and/or big-box retailers (i.e. T.J Maxx, Marshall's, Nordstrom's, Target etc.). A small % of items may have tags lost during shipment. 

Micro-Bales are shipped by FedEx Ground and will take 3-5 Business Days to process prior to shipment. The Micro-Bale will arrive in a 36 X 20 X 20 box, and will be heavy. Please use care when handling, and use a hand-truck or furniture dolly to move. 

DISCLAIMER: Mystery boxes and bundles are sold as-is and in used condition, with no implicit guarantee of variety or resale value. All items shipped by America’s Thrift Supply should be considered used. Please note, once Micro-Bales have been opened, we are unable to accept return shipments. We do not offer partial refunds.

Note: All micro-bales are sold by the pound and not per piece. Any count of items described in our listings is merely an approximation, and the actual count in your micro-bale will differ depending on the weight of the items included. 

* All Micro-Bales may include a range of small to large and plus sized sizes. Micro-bales specifically designated as plus-sized have a higher % of plus sized items. Items in the micro-bale may differ from what is shown in the pictures. 



Clothing in grade A condition means no major holes or stains, or new with tags clothing. B grade means clothing has minor or visible wear. The clothing in our Micro-Bales is a mix of Grade A and Grade B clothing.

We sort our apparel micro-bales to the best of our ability, to remove low quality or damaged items from our wholesale packages. Included in the mix of Grade A/B clothing are boutique brands, department store brands, mid-level brands in used condition, and the occasional vintage item.

While all of our wholesale packages have light to moderate wear, we do our very best to offer the highest quality available for all of our orders.

We do not guarantee all items in your order will be vintage, but it is possible for vintage to make its way into your purchase.

Mystery boxes and micro-bales are sold as-is and in used condition, with no implicit guarantee of variety or resale value. We do not accept returns or refunds on items unless the condition of the items is below our quality standard. We do not offer partial refunds.

All items from America’s Thrift Supply are shipped from our warehouse located in Birmingham, Alabama and are shipped via FedEx. Please allow 3-5 business days from time of purchase for your item(s) to dispatch from our facility.

Mystery boxes will arrive in unmarked boxes ranging in size from 16" cube to 9" cube, depending on the product.

Micro-bales arrive in 20"x 20" x36" shipping boxes. These bales are heavy and while they can be easily broken apart we recommend customers use a hand truck if it is necessary to move after delivery.

We restock our inventory weekly based on the donations we receive. However, no two mystery boxes or micro-bales will ever be the same.

Our mystery boxes and micro-bales consist of second hand clothing, shoes, jewelry and toys. These items are curated from donations received through our 24 stores and over 2,000 EZ Drop Spots located in the Southeast.